Egg festival is one of the main Stardew Valley Festivals of the spring season. Egg festival is celebrated on 13th of every spring. It begins at 9 am and ends at 2 pm. You need to wait till 9 o’clock to enter the town. It basically takes place at the Pelican Town Square. Before the beginning of the Stardew Valley Egg festival, you will receive a mail from Mayor Lewis. The mail will look like this, as shown in the image below.

Stardew Valley Egg Festival
Stardew Valley Egg Festival

You are immediately teleported to the farm when Major Lewis announces the winner of the Stardew Valley Egg Hunt (Time also changes to 10 am).

There is also a small booth from where you can purchase the decorative items including Plush Bunny (Price- 2,000g), Lawn Flamingo (Price- 400g), Seasonal Plants (Price- 350g)  and lastly the Strawberry Seeds (Price- 100g). If you want to earn a huge profit at the time of harvesting strawberries then you need to purchase a huge amount of strawberry seeds. And if you plant the seeds on or before 16th, then you will be able to harvest them twice before the summer season.

How To Win Egg Hunt?

Stardew Valley Egg Hunt

Egg Hunt plays a major role in the whole Stardew Valley Egg Festival. You can begin this hunt by conversing with Major Lewis. In this hunt, you get around 50 seconds to search around the Pelican Town for the colored eggs. You and some other villagers search for these randomly placed eggs. And the one who gathers 9 colored eggs or Abigail is declared as the winner of the Egg Hunt.

What Does Egg Hunt’s Winner Get?

The winner of the Egg Hunt is awarded a Straw Hat. And if you already have got this hat before, then you will receive 1000g as a price.

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All the best for the Stardew Egg Hunt, try to collect as many eggs as possible or Abigail!

Stardew Valley Egg Festival
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Stardew Valley Egg Festival
Egg Festival is a Stardew Valley festival celebrated on 13th of every spring. Egg Hunt is the major attraction of this festival.
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