Stardew Valley Fair is a great occasion which one shouldn’t miss. You can get a lot of stuff from here. Basically, the Fair takes place on the 16th of fall every year. You can attend the Fair between 9 am and 3 pm just by entering the Pelican Town. Until 9 am, you can’t get into Pelican Town on the day of the festival. Below is the image of the mail which you will get before the beginning of the festival.

Stardew Valley Fair
Stardew Valley Fair

Stardew Valley Fair gives you a lot of chances to win Star Tokens. These tokens can be redeemed in the Fair for the items which you can’t get normally. Remember, none of the houses or shops outside the Town Square will be open and cannot be entered before the Fair. And, once you leave the festival you will be transferred to The Farm at 10 pm.

Stardew Valley Fair

You can exchange the Star Tokens with the prizes near the entrance to the Bus Stop. And at max, you can get 9,999 tokens. But you can only use 3,400 tokens or just 1,400 (if you have already paid for the Stardrop) as you can only purchase one of each item from the shop every year. Stardrop may only be purchased once, but the rest of the items will be there again in the following year.

Grange Display

The Stardew fair also has a Grange Display contest. In this contest, you can display the products of the farm and can win Star Tokens. You can talk to Mayor Lewis when you are ready, to begin the Stardew Valley Grange contest judging. All of your items in the Grange display can be picked up after judging. Remember, if you forget to collect your products back from the display, they will be lost in spite of returning back to your Inventory. You should bring up to nine items for the contest, which best showcase the player abilities. It will be judged on the basis of the quality and diversity of the items.

The prize for first place is 1000★, for second place it is 500★, for third place, it is 200★ and for fourth, it is 50★.


There are several games on the fair, you can get a lot of Star Tokens playing them.

Fishing Minigame

You need to pay 50g to play Fishing Minigame. In this game, you have to catch fish. Each fish gives12-25 points. But any non-fish will give only 1 point. Also, perfect catch results into bonus points. Moreover, you can play this game as many times you want (till your money lasts). Even, It is possible to win over 200 Star Tokens for per 50g spent, playing this game.

Smashing Stone

In this game, you will get 1-star token each for a perfect hit (at top or bottom). Just you need to make sure that you click at the right moment to gain maximum Star Tokens.

Spinning Wheel

At the Spinning Wheel, you can bet any number of your Star Tokens on whether the spinning wheel will land on green or orange. You’ll also notice that the probability of green is far more than that of orange.

Slingshot Minigame

Slingshot Minigame costs you 50g. In this game, you have to shoot the targets with your slingshot. Red targets will give you 1 point, blue targets will give you 2 points and purple targets will give 5 points. At the end of the game, you’ll get a point multiplier depending upon your accuracy. Like, you can get a 4x multiplier for the accuracy of 100%. Playing this game, you can win even 250 Star Tokens for per 50g spent.

Clairvoyant Booth

At the Clairvoyant Booth, there is a fortune teller which tells you about the future events once for per 100g spent. All the information is based on your social status with the villagers. She will tell you something associated with the top two people on your social menu.

Token Seller

It is the quickest way to get star tokens. At the Star Token Seller, you can get a 1-star token for per 50g spent. But this is the least cost-effective way to get star tokens.

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Reward Stall

From here, you can buy Dried Sunflowers, Fedora, Rarecrow, Stardrop etc. Dried Sunflowers will cost you 100★, Fedora will cost you 500★, Rarecrow will cost 800★ and Stardrop (can be purchased only once in the whole game) will cost you 2000★.

Stardew Valley Fair
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Stardew Valley Fair
Fair is a Stardew Valley festival celebrated on 16th of fall every year. There are minigames on the Fair, you can win a lot of Star Tokens by playing them.
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