One of the most amazing summer festivals of Stardew Valley is the Luau festival. Luau festival comes on 11th of every summer. To be a part of this event, you just need to enter The Beach between 9 am to 2 pm. Before 9 o’clock, you can’t enter the beach. Also, you will be automatically teleported to The Farm at 10 pm as the Luau festival ends.

Stardew Valley Luau

Remember, During the festival, every shop and home will remain closed, you will not be able to enter in any of them. Moreover, there is not even any separate booth or shop open at the time of Luau. You will receive a mail before the beginning of the Stardew Valley Luau festival the same as shown in the image below.

Stardew Valley Luau
Stardew Valley Luau

Luau: Potluck Soup

The center of attraction of the Luau festival is the Potluck Soup. You and other villagers get a chance to add different ingredients to the soup. You need to add some good ingredients to it as after each addition of ingredients, the Governor tastes and judges it. This whole process takes place when you choose “Yes, let’s start” option while conversing with the Mayor. And Mayor Lewis with Governor gives a different reaction, depending upon the taste of the soup. All this results in an increase or decrease or even no change in the friendship points with all the villagers. But the friendship with Dwarf, Krobus, Sandy and the Wizard are never affected.

Potluck Soup: Governor’s Reactions

The change in the friendship points totally depends upon the ingredient you add in the soup and after adding it, what’s the Governor’s reaction. So If you want to earn the maximum 120 friendship points then you need to impress the Governor. For that, you need to take care of what you are adding in the soup.

Here are some ingredients which can result in a hundred percent win: Red Cabbage, Purple Mushroom, Super Cucumber, Truffle, Mead, Fairy Rose, Goat’s Milk, Mutant Carp, Legend, Glacierfish, Artichoke, Chanterelle, Starfruit, Ice Pip, Mead, Angler, Large Milk, Goat Cheese, Sturgeon, Yam, Wine (except Salmonberry and Blueberry Wine), Pale Ale, Catfish, Cheese, Lava Eel, Melon. Also, make sure that all the items are of gold or iridium quality.

And If you will add anything out of a Golden Grape, Silver/Golden Spice Berry, Grape Wine or a Standard Strawberry, it will not disappoint the Governor, the reaction will be good but not a great one. You will earn 60 friendship points.

If you don’t want to lose some of your friendship points then don’t try any of these ingredients: Herring, Seaweed, Blackberry, Spring Onion, Joja Cola, Field Snack, Crocus, Anchovy, White Algae, Green Algae, Sweet Pea, Carp, Daffodil or Salmonberry. It will result in a loss of 50 friendship points.

Or if you add: Holly, Sap, Sea Cucumber, Scorpion Carp or Pufferfish. You will lose 100 points. And it will worsen the situation if you mistakenly added the Red Mushroom, not only there will be a loss of 100 points but also the Governor will get sick and no one else will even try to taste it.

So it’s better to add nothing than something which results in such kind of a situation. Add it will result in no change in the friendship points but the Governor will feel that there was something missing in the soup. Moreover, before adding something, make it sure that the item which you are adding is of good quality.

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After the Governor tastes the soup, Stardew Valley’s Luau festival automatically ends.

All the best for the Stardew Luau festival, I hope you will earn the maximum points and will not make the Governor sick!

Stardew Valley Luau
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Stardew Valley Luau
Luau is a Stardew Valley festival celebrated on 11th of every summer. The center of attraction of the Luau festival is the Potluck Soup.