Night Market is a Stardew Valley festival that takes place in winter, between 15th and 17th and is open between 5 pm and 2 am. These are some of the wonderful nights in Stardew Valley. You can walk to The Beach, and at the docks, you will find numerous merchants selling goods. From the Stardew Valley Night Market, You can buy goods or can even go for a boat ride. However, the Submarine Ride closes at 11 pm and the Mermaid boat also closes at 12:30 am, rest of the market is open till 2 am.

Stardew Valley Night Market

Stardew Valley Night Market is a bit different from other festivals. As in this festival, all the houses and shops including the ones located near the beach are not closed and can be visited. Even the time continues to pass during the Night Market. However, you will also need to keep feeding the animals during the festival.

Below is the image of a mail which you will be also getting before the beginning of the event:

Stardew Valley Night Market
Stardew Valley Night Market


Famous Painter Lupini

The famous painter Lupini sells a different painting each night of the festival for 1200g. In total, there are 9 paintings which rotate over a cycle of 3 years.

Travelling Cart

The Travelling Cart is a shop from where you can purchase some randomly selected items in limited quantities, including the Wedding Ring recipe.

Shrouded Figure

The Shrouded Figure can teleport you back to the farm for 250g.

Decoration Boat

Decoration Boat is a blue colored from where you can purchase decorative items, some of which even change with seasons. You can purchase unlimited articles from here. However, it is the only place from where you can get decorative candy cane units.

Coffee Merchant

You can get a free cup of coffee from the Coffee Merchant once every 10 minutes. Over the three days of Night Market, you can collect 162 cups of coffee, worth 24,300g.

Mermaid Boat

You can get into Mermaid Boatanytime between 5 pm and 12:30 am. Upon entering the boat, a mermaid will greet you by singing, accompanied by a cutscene. Her performance will be 1 hour and 40 minutes long. But don’t worry, you may leave at any time you want. You can also halt the passage of time using the inventory.

You can click on the boat to play the musical notes. If you will play the correct notes in the right sequence, you will be awarded a special item. You can try 1-5-4-2-3 (left to right) to get awarded with a Pearl.

Magic Boat Shop

You can find the Magic Boat Shop next to the famous painter Lupini. You can get a variety of decorative items, seeds as well as a unique hat and a unique fireplace from here, with different stock each night. There are no limitations for purchasing any item. However, the prices of the seeds are also the same as those in Pierre’s General Store.

Unfortunately, the Artichoke seeds, Red Cabbage seeds, and Garlic seeds will not be available until the second year in Stardew Valley. Even, you will get to see variations in the prices of some of the items on different days of the Stardew Night Market. For example, the price of the Cone Hat will be lowest on the second day.

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Fishing Submarine

You can go for a deep sea fishing tour by paying an amount of 1000g. You just need to ask the Captain of the ship for the tour. The Fishing Submarine basically takes 30 minutes in-game time to descend as well as to ascend. If you are playing in the single player mode, then you can easily halt the time period with the help of the inventory. Moreover, you can use the trapdoor for fishing while underwater.

You can catch three types of fishes. The list includes Blobfish, Spook Fish and Midnight Squid. You can also catch Sea Cucumber, Super Cucumber, Seaweed as well as an Octopus. Even you can get a Pearl while fishing. However, the chances of getting a Pearl is less than 1%.

Stardew Valley Night Market
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Stardew Valley Night Market
Night Market in Stardew Valley takes place in winter, between 15th and 17th. In this festival, you can buy a lot of stuff and can even go for a boat ride.
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