Spirit’s Eve is a Stardew Valley festival taking place near the end of the fall. It is basically celebrated late at night on 27th of fall every year. You need to enter Pelican Town between 10 pm and 11:50 pm to be a part of Stardew Valley Spirit’s Eve festival. If you will leave the Pelican Town, you will be teleported to The Farm at 12 am.

You will receive a mail before the beginning of the festival similar to the one below:

Stardew Valley Spirit's Eve
Stardew Valley Spirit’s Eve

Haunted Maze

There is a Haunted maze set up by M. Rasmodius. According to the villagers, the wizard is so committed for creating a frightening maze that it will take him all day to build it up.

A large majority of townspeople find the maze either quite confusing or frightening. Even, Abigail will not continue due to her fear of spiders. Parents don’t allow children to go into the maze as they think it is too scary for them.

The major attraction of Stardew Valley Spirit’s Eve festival is the haunted maze, possibly from where you can get the Golden Pumpkin. The maze is located to the North of a shopping booth set up by Pierre. From that booth, you can purchase festive items like a rarecrow (for 5,000g), a Jack-O-Lantern (for 750g) as well as the recipe to make Jack-O-Lantern (for 2,000g).

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Navigating The Haunted Maze

Stardew Valley Spirit’s Eve

You will get sufficient time to navigate to the end of the Stardew Valley Maze. Following it to the end, you will see a wooden signboard with a question mark on it. To slide through the hedge, push against it towards left. Get into the cave and start moving towards the east. Finally, you will reach the end. And there you will find a treasure chest containing the Golden Pumpkin. This golden pumpkin will be given to you as a reward for finishing the maze. You can sell it for 2,500g if you like or it can also be given as a universally loved gift.

Apart from completing the Stardew Valley Haunted Maze, unlike other festivals, there are no challenges or contests to be a part of.

Stardew Valley Spirit's Eve
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Stardew Valley Spirit's Eve
Spirit's Eve is a Stardew Valley festival celebrated on 27th of fall every year. The major attraction of Spirit's Eve festival is a Haunted Maze.
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