The third season in the Stardew Valley is the Fall. It is one of the most profitable seasons in Stardew Valley. Fall lets you prepare for the Winters as there will be not any natural significant income in it. The major reason behind this is that you cannot grow crops outside, but still If you will feed your animals, you will be getting money normally.


Stardew Valley Fall Events


Day Name
16 Stardew Valley Fair
27 Spirit’s Eve

There are two festivals celebrated in the Stardew Valley fall season. One is the Stardew Valley Fair celebrated on 16th and another one is the Spirit’s Eve taking place on 27th of every fall.


Day Name
02 Penny
05 Elliot
11 Jodi
13 Abigail
15 Sandy
18 Marnie
21 Robin
24 George


Day Event
8-11   Blackberry Season

Another important event of the fall season is the Blackberry season that lasts between 8th-11th of fall.


Single Harvest

Crop Seed Price
Bok Choy 50g
Pumpkin 100g
Sweet Gem Berry Travelling Cart: 1,000g
Artichoke 30g
Sunflower 200g
Yam 60g
Beet Oasis: 20g
Wheat 10g
Amaranth 70g
Fairy Rose 200g

Multiple Harvest

Crop Seed Price
Grape 60g
Eggplant 20g
Corn 150g
Cranberries 240g

Best Fall Crops

Stardew Valley Giant Pumpkin
  • Sweet Gem Berry – Sweet Gem Berry costs 1,000g. If you want to increase your max energy, then keep one berry to give to the Old Master Cannoli statue in the Secret Woods for a Stardrop reward.
  • Cranberries  Cranberries are one of the most profitable crops of fall. Its seeds can be brought from the General Store for 240g. By selling harvested cranberries, you can earn a profit of 19g per day.
  • Pumpkin – If you have larger patches then plant the seeds in 3×3 squares, you may get a giant pumpkin.
  • Grapes – Grapes seeds cost only 60g but it gives a daily profit of 17g.
  • Artichoke – Artichoke is quite cheap (costs only 30g) and is used as an ingredient in some recipes.


Here is the list of fish which can be caught in the fall season:

Name Description Location
Tilapia A vegetarian fish (prefers warm water). Ocean
Salmon Swims upstream (to lay its eggs). River (Town, Forest)
Shad Lives at a sea in school, also returns to river to spawn. River (Town, Forest)
Red Snapper A popular red coloured fish. Ocean
Smallmouth Bass Freshwater fish. River (Town), Forest Pond
Eel A slippery long fish . Ocean
Angler A fish that uses a bioluminescent dangler to attract on its prey. North of JojaMart on the wooden plank bridge.
Anchovy Small silver fish. Ocean
Tiger Trout A rare hybrid trout. River (Town, Forest)
Walleye A freshwater fish which can be caught at night. River (Town, Forest) Forest Pond, Mountain Lake
Super Cucumber Quite rare. Ocean
Albacore Prefers temperature edges (where cool and warm water meet). Ocean
Sardine A common fish. Ocean
Sea Cucumber A slimy, slippery creature. Ocean
Catfish An uncommon fish. River (Town, Forest) Secret Woods Pond
Witch’s Swamp


Stardew Valley Forage

Here is the list of items which can be found while foraging during fall:

Name Description
Red Mushroom Found in caves (The Mines, Secret Woods).
Chanterelle Found at Secret Woods, it has a fruity smell and slightly pepper flavour.
Hazelnut Found above the ground.
Common Mushroom Found at Secret Woods, it has a good texture with slightly nutty flavour.
Wild Plum A tart and juicy plum with a pungent aroma found above the ground.
Blackberry An early-fall treat found above the ground and on the bushes during the Blackberry season.
Stardew Valley Fall
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Stardew Valley Fall
Here you will find a complete list of best fall crops, fish and the forage items which can be easily found.
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