The second season that a player encounters in Stardew Valley is the summer season. Another beautiful season in Stardew Valley, Summer brings new crops, fish, forgeable items, etc with it. The grass is a bit yellowish as compared to that in the spring. Trees are no longer in bloom. All of them become thick and come up with green leaves. Even, one can get to see butterflies flying across the screen.


Stardew Valley Events


Day Name
11 Luau
28 Dance Of The Moonlight Jellies

There are two festivals celebrated in the Stardew Valley summer season. One is the Luau festival celebrated on 11th and another one is the Dance Of The Moonlight Jellies taking place on 28th of every summer.


Day Name
04 Jas
08 Gus
10 Maru
13 Alex
17 Sam
19 Demetrius
22 Dwarf
24 Willy


Day Event
12-14   Extra Forgeable Items (Beach)


Single Harvest

Crop Seed Price
Summer Sprangle 50g
Radish 40g
Wheat 10g
Red Cabbage 100g
Melon 80g
Sunflower 200g
Poppy 100g
Starfruit Oasis: 400g

Multiple Harvest

Crop Seed Price
Corn 150g
Hot Pepper 40g
Blueberry 80g
Tomato 50g
Hops 60g
Coffee Bean Travelling Cart: 2,500g

Best Summer Crops

Stardew Valley Giant Melon
  • Starfruit – Starfruit is quite expensive, can be brought from Oasis for 400g. Still, there is no need to worry as it gives a profit of around 27g per day.
  • Blueberry – Each seed of Blueberry costs 80g and can be brought from the General Store. It gives a profit of 20g per day.
  • Melon – If you have larger patches then plant the Melon seeds in 3×3 squares, you may get a giant melon.
  • Red Cabbage – Red Cabbage can be brought from the General Store for 100g. By selling it you can get a profit of around 18g.


Here is the list of fish which can be caught in the summer season:

Name      Description Location
Catfish An uncommon fish. River (Town, Forest) Secret Woods Pond
Witch’s Swamp
Sunfish A common fish. River (Town, Forest)
Tuna A large fish. Ocean
Red Mullet These were kept as pets long ago. Ocean  
Pike A freshwater fish (difficult to catch). River (Town, Forest) Forest Pond
Pufferfish Inflates when threatened. Ocean
Rainbow Trout A colourful freshwater trout. River (Town, Forest) Mountain Lake
Super Cucumber Quite rare. Ocean
Shad Lives at a sea in school, also returns to river to spawn. River (Town, Forest)
Tilapia A vegetarian fish (prefers warm water). Ocean
Halibut A flat fish. Ocean
Octopus Mysterious, Intelligent. Ocean
Crimsonfish Lives deep in the ocean. East Pier on The Beach. 
Sturgeon An ancient bottom-feeder. Mountain Lake
Red Snapper A popular red coloured fish. Ocean
Dorado A fierce carnivore. River (Forest)


Stardew Valley Forage

In addition to the Rainbow Shell, Here is the list of items which can be found while foraging during summer:

Name Description
Grape A sweet cluster of fruit found above the ground.
Fiddlehead Fern Found at Secret Woods
Red Mushroom Found in caves (The Mines, Secret Woods).
Spice Berry It has a pungent aroma and is found above the ground.
Sweet Pea Found above the ground.

Stardew Valley Summer
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Stardew Valley Summer
Here you will find a complete list of best summer crops, fish and the forage items which can be easily found.
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