The fourth season a player encounters in Stardew Valley is the winter season. A player already needs to be prepared before the beginning of the winters as it is the most difficult season in Stardew Valley. There is no grass or weeds which make fiber and hay difficult to obtain. Still, you can purchase hay from Marnie’s Ranch and fiber can be found in The Mines.

Do you know what makes, still, winter one of the best seasons? These are the most valuable items which you will get to see only in winters.


Stardew Valley Winter Events


Day Name
08 Festival Of Ice
15-17 Night Market
25 Feast Of The Winter Star

There are in total three festivals celebrated in the Stardew Valley winter season. One is the Festival Of Ice celebrated on 8th, another one is the Night Market taking place on 15th-17th and the last festival is Feast Of The Winter Star celebrated on 25th of every winter.


Day Name
01 Krobus
03 Linus
07 Caroline
10 Sebastian
14 Harvey
17 Wizard
20 Evelyn
23 Leah
26 Clint


With the exception of the Winter Seeds, there are no crops which can be planted in the winter season.

Winter Seeds

Stardew Valley Wild Seeds

Winter seeds are a type of crafted seed and the crafting recipe is labelled “Wild Seeds (Wi)”. The resultant winter seeds are Winter Root, Snow Yam, Crocus and Crystal Fruit. These are the only seeds which can grow outdoors during winters.

Item Description
Winter Root A starchy tuber.
Snow Yam It hides beneath the snow.
Crocus It blooms in the water.
Crystal Fruit This delicate fruit pops up from the snow.


Here is the list of fish which can be caught in the winter season:

Name Description Location
Herring A common fish. Ocean
Sturgeon An ancient bottom-feeder. Mountain Lake
Squid A deep sea creature (enormous size). Ocean
Halibut A flat fish. Ocean
Perch A freshwater fish. River (Town, Forest) Forest Pond, Mountain Lake
Lingcod A fearsome predator. River (Town, Forest), Mountain Lake
Tuna        A large fish. Ocean
Tiger Trout     A rare hybrid trout. River (Town, Forest)
Sardine A common fish. Ocean
Red Mullet These were kept as pets long ago. Ocean
Glacierfish On the underside of glaciers, the fish builds its nest. South end of Arrowhead Island in Cindersap Forest, Deep water.
Red Snapper A popular red coloured fish. Ocean
Albacore Prefers temperature edges (where cool and warm water meet). Ocean
Pike A freshwater fish (difficult to catch). River (Town, Forest) Forest Pond
Sea Cucumber A slimy, slippery creature. Ocean

Night Market Fish

Here is the list of fish which can only be caught in the submarine ride at the Night Market festival during 15th-17th of Winter. In addition to these, Octopus, Seaweed, Sea Cucumber, Super Cucumber can also be caught in the submarine. Even there is a 0.4% chance of catching a Pearl. I hope you will succeed. Best of luck!

Name Description
Blobfish Blobfish floats above the ocean floor. It consumes any of the edible material which comes in its way.
Midnight Squid A strange and mysterious creature of the ocean’s twilight depths.
Spook Fish It has huge eyes which can detect the faint silhouettes of prey.


Stardew Valley Forage

In addition to the Nautilus Shell, Here is the list of items which can be found while foraging during winter:

Name Found
Holly Above the ground.
Crocus Above the ground.
Winter Yam By tilling the soil.
Winter Root By tilling the soil.
Crystal Fruit Above the ground.
Stardew Valley Winter
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Stardew Valley Winter
Here you will find a complete list of winter seeds, fish and the forage items which can be easily found.
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